Qilniat Limited is committed to respecting the rights of our customers, including the right to a refund if they are not satisfied with the services they have received.
Additionally, if a customer has already been charged, they can request a refund if there is a problem.
Your refund request will be handled with the utmost care.

Additional costs incurred during refunds are not covered by our refund policy.
In addition, refunds exceeding the initial amount are prohibited. Qilniat Limited promises to help every customer who has a problem.

We have the option to request additional information from the customer within 14 days of the refund request. These elements must be returned to the applicant within a further 14 days.
After receiving a refund request, we inform our customers within the following timeframes:
- within 5 working days of receipt of the refund request form, assuming that no other additional information is required.
-within 10 business days of determining that a customer is entitled to a refund, we will issue a refund.
No refund will be made for the customer if:
-within the specified time, the requested information has not been provided;
-fraud or illegal behavior involving the customer is being investigated;

Customers should contact us if they have any questions or concerns regarding transactions involving the services provided by Delectable Shock. We don't need to ask the banks for a chargeback because we can fix everything ourselves.
It is our duty to obtain further information about our clients and their disputed transactions from their issuing banks. For chargebacks, we have the option of using third-party services.
At this time, we may suspend the customer's account and all associated transactions while we investigate a chargeback.
If the customer has requested a chargeback, they will not be refunded.

Additional monies are non-refundable, but may be added to the initial payment or converted to another currency.
Delectable Shock may make changes to the refund policy if legislation changes.
If the refund policy of Delectable Shock is not acceptable to the customer, he should leave the website and not use the services.
Delectable Shock is not liable for any damages or losses (direct or indirect, special or incidental) resulting from the use of the services of Qilniat Limited, including lost profits, refund amounts or delays in refund processing.


Sales of digital content are protected by a right of withdrawal under European law. Digital content, on the other hand, can and often is excluded from this rule. When you buy something from Delectable Shock, here's what happens: In the European Union, you have a right of withdrawal for 14 days after your purchase or the first time you access or download content and Services (whichever comes first).
Qilniat Limited's refund policy is much friendlier than the legal requirements that require us to do so.
During the five-day trial period, you are free to try our content, but you are not entitled to a return under your statutory right to cancel.
Therefore, even if your statutory right to cancel expires as soon as you make a purchase, you can still request a refund based on our own refund policy and at our sole discretion.

Last update: 05.05.2022 

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